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Wayne C. FowlerWayne C. Fowler
Wayne is the Mid-Atlantic Inspection Services municipal expert, providing day-to-day construction management for the towns we work with. Specifically, Wayne conducts site management meetings with builders and residents, inspects residential construction projects, monitors county and utility construction projects, and provides 24-hour support and real-time reporting of emergency situations and more.

In early 2000, a volunteer position turned into a full time post at St. Columba's Episcopal Church, where Wayne became chief maintenance engineer. At the time, Wayne was helping neighbors and friends make home repairs and that hobby turned into a business venture when Wayne launched his own contracting business. Mid-Atlantic Inspections Services President Alan Beal, also a St. Columba's parishioner, sought out Wayne's skills: That project was the foundation of their current professional relationship.

A DC native, Wayne attended St. Andrew's Episcopal School and attended the Philadelphia College of Art. Before his work as a contractor and with Mid-Atlantic Inspection Services, Wayne pursued a successful career in film and photography. His film credits include: Random Hearts, Runaway Bride, Species II, Breach, and others. And he has been involved in television productions for major networks such as the Discovery Channel and HGTV. Fine art is still a passion for Wayne, and he enjoys photography projects in his spare time.

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