About Mid-Atlantic InspectionsWinter's freezing temperatures and precipitation can cause problems for all properties, and vacant buildings are particularly vulnerable. Harsh weather can cause costly damages that frustrate sellers and delay settlements.

Our Winterization service helps clients identify weather-vulnerable areas and resolve them before the threat of a major weather event. Our thorough Winterization services address key areas:

  • Prepare HVAC systems
  • Prepare water systems and drains
  • Switch off electrical breakers to key appliances
  • Drain appliance lines
  • Prepare toilet bowls, tanks and all waste line traps
  • Inspect roof and gutters
  • Inspect eaves, basement and crawlspaces for entry points for vermin
  • Secure all windows and exterior doors

While our initial walk-through and preparation serve as effective safeguards, we also recommend a check-up visit following each severe weather episode, and a follow-up visit two months after Winterization to ensure the property’s condition remains unchanged.

It’s nearly impossible to predict the weather—or its affect on your properties—but by planning ahead with Winterization, you won’t have to.

Winterizations      $350.00
Winterization (hot water radiators)      $450.00
Post-Event Check-Up      $150.00
One-Month Follow-Up      $150.00

*Our standard Winterization service does not include inspection and preparation of exterior water features including pools, spas, or irrigation systems. However, we can coordinate these services for an additional fee.